Review: The 10:04’s – Throes

Drenched in a uniquely Scottish melancholy, ‘Throes’ shows that The 10:04’s have heart as well as harmonies.

The four piece’s previous two releases have been the kind of tracks to get you dancing – this one will get you thinking.

And ‘Throes’ definitely proves that variety is the spice of life. Starting unabashedly softly, Danny Scrimshaw’s vocals are exposed in all their beauty during the tender first act of the song.

From these little seeds of anguish grows ‘Throes’ ultimately powering chorus, showing that, whilst a more sensitive number, The 10:04’s still know how to hook their listeners. Entangled in layers of thrusting guitars and serenading vocals, it is Paul Haddow’s enthralling drumming that gives ‘Throes’ its edge at its pivitol points.

Like a nocturnal predator, the song’s romance hits you by stealth as much as by swagger. With a debut album on the way, ‘Throes’ shows that The 10:04’s have more than a few aces up their sleeves to keep fans guessing.

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