Deap Vally – End Of The World (Single)

They might look like angels but they definitely rock like the Devil.

Sounding about as un-L.A. as moonshine, the Californian duo have been perfecting their grungey-blues sound through months of hard slog around Europe and America. ‘End of the World’ is the second release from the girls and a precursor to the lo-fi leviathan that their debut album is sure to be.

Unashamed lovers of Jimmy Page (who they met backstage at this year’s Leeds Festival), the Led Zepplin axeman’s brand of power blues is the bedrock of Deap Vally’s sound. ‘End of the World’ begins with a monotone guitar and drumbeat before singer Lindsay Troy bursts this bubble with her harmonic howl of a voice.

From then on in it is a rollercoaster of West Coast fuzz and rumbling drums that could smash a ribcage. Coiling like a python, the duo’s sound is as hard hitting as a snapped Achilles tendon.  When it’s chorus drops Troy’s guitar erupts with some Mount Vesuvius size reverb as she laments how “There’s a thing I like to call it/ Brother, when you fight and you kill/You’re at war with each other/It’s the end of the world”.

Throughout it all Julie Edwards keeps a menacing rhythm on drums, unflinchingly calm at the eye of this rock ‘n’ roll storm. They are the ideal double act, with Edwards’ pulverising drums able to keep Troy’s careering colossus of a sonic joyride firmly on course.

Currently on tour with The Vaccines, God only knows what their fans will make of ‘End of the World’. Raw and rebellious, Troy’s vocals sit somewhere between the zing of Karen O and the garage growl of Alison Mosshart. Together they make a noise that is dripping in primal pizzazz whilst avoiding the dirge that so much blues-rock comes tarred in. If it really is the end of the world in 2012 then Deap Vally are going out swinging.

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