The Begbies – Ashleigh (Single)

Begbies by name if not by nature…

This West Lothian five-piece’s music might have the swagger of their Trainspotting namesake but their sound is an all together more graceful affair. Ashleigh is their third release proper and, after playing together since 2009, packs a tightly wound indie punch.

The title track is a perfect blend of jangling guitars and ska-infused drum beats, with Stuart Arfield’s sugar-sweet vocals sounding like a young Terry Hall. ‘Ashleigh’ jumps and jives throughout its all-to-quick three minutes, constantly building towards its heroic, chant induced end. It’s guaranteed to get your foot tapping.

B-side ‘Forever Here’ is a more straight up rock number, opening up with a panoramic guitar line that grows ever more expansive in the slipstream of Ross MacKinnon’s rhythmic backing. It is a song with something forever happening as it ebbs and flows between Arfield’s rich vocals and biting riffs.

The two songs demonstrate a musically schizophrenia worthy of their film’s namesake. With talent by the bucket load, who knows what they’ll come out with next?

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