Facebook Charging Bands For Posts – Well That’ll Be That Then

Mark, what’s happened ? I thought you just wanted to make friends ?

Apparently not. Revelations have emerged over the last few weeks that bands now have to either pay to post their status updates on Facebook or only 10% of their followers will be able to see their messages.

After pissing off the stock markets it appears Zuckerberg and co now want to ratchet up the tension with us music lovers. Whilst this problem can be solved by going on to band pages you ‘like’ and ticking a box it feels like an unnecessary step for the company to take.

Facebook has long superseded MySpace as the mus-oes social media of choice for easily keeping up with an act’s latest news, gossip and general musings. Why risk this hegemony (and undoubted extra advertising traffic) by trying to screw a few extra pounds out of already hard up musicians ? You know, you wear hoodies to board meetings, we thought you were one of us.

Though I suppose what do you expect from somebody who (reportedly) got Billy Joe Armstrong to sing at his wedding. Greed is not an attractive quality in anybody and can only serve to exacerbate the company’s afore mentioned problems. It seems that even the all seeing Facebook ignores the lessons of history.

Just as it is on the slide, Twitter is going from strength to strength with a staggering 340 million Tweets a day. Whilst the site is lacking any in-built mechanism for playing music it appears to be growing increasingly popular with musicians due to its better interactivity with fans and, now, cheapness compared with its competitor. I’m sure MySpace never foresaw it’s impending transformation into an online wilderness as bands began their exodus from it’s pages, as I’m sure Facebook don’t foresee any future when they won’t be able to milk every last penny out of their users and their information.

If there’s one thing music fans hate more than anything it’s the feeling that they’re being screwed over by ‘The Man’. It might only be a tiny crack in the omnipresence of Facebook just now, but a mass migration of bands to another viable alternative would drag an awful lot of their followers with them in at least some guise. The Sauron of Silicon Valley best watch he doesn’t take his eye completely off the ball here.

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