Hero Of The Week – Craig Charles

Don’t worry, I’m not a closet Coronation Street fan.

And nor is it because he used to be in Red Dwarf (which for some reason I loved when I was younger).

No, it is because of his supreme, and sometimes supremely weird, Funk and Soul show he hosts on 6music every Saturday night. Apparently it’s the most popular show on the network which makes me feel a little bit warm inside.

For those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to hear the show before it’s pretty simple. He plays some hits, he plays some misses, sometimes his hosting is good and sometimes it’s grating. He plays songs from the past as well as new artists that are adding to soul music’s rich past and still trooping around the country to get people dancing.

But the most important thing is that it is one of the few sanctuaries on major radio where you’ll find three hours devoted to these genres.

Tunes like this :

And this :

Or my personal favourite of :

This isn’t going to be a blog where I’m going to lay out some well thought out and reasoned arguments. If you don’t love soul music then you have my eternal sympathies for the joy that you are missing out on.

So if you’re in next Saturday give it a blast from 6 til 9. If you’re out, a combination of this show on I-player, a haggis and cheese toastie and gallons of Irn Bru on Sunday morning will prove the Holy Trinity of hangover cures. Trust me.

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One Response to Hero Of The Week – Craig Charles

  1. Em says:

    This is why I love 6music… It’s got to be one of the only stations who choose their presenters based solely on their love and knowledge of music, rather than their slick presenting style. I love Craig’s show too… give me a proper music nerd with bags of enthusiasm any day, I don’t care how grating they can be!

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