The Imagineers – The Legend Of John The Terror (Notorious) EP

Scottish band of the moment return with a rip-roaring double A side.

Fresh from playing as the house band for Craig Ferguson during his Late, Late Show’s sojourn in Glasgow – the quartet’s stock has never been higher.

Having already conquered hearts and venues across the country, ‘The Legend Of John The Terror (Notorious)’ only further serves to outline why they are one of Scotland’s hottest properties.

The song rocks and rolls with a menacing panache, spurred on by some belligerently captivating guitar lines. Steven Young possesses a voice dripping with emotion, growling out this lament alongside some sturdy drumming by Stephen Forbes.

The song circles like a shark around it’s prey, professing that “I’ll shoot you down/John the Terror, notorious/And this is my way”.

Contradicting and complementing this dark imagining is fellow A-side ‘Dearest One’, a song showing the sweet to ‘…Terror’’s sour.

It sounds as refreshing as a cider in the sun. Harmonies abound, with jangling acoustics floating throughout as Young’s vocals take on an entirely more optimistic twang.

The chorus of “Oh dearest one/Do you feel alright/Your hands are cold/This summer’s night” glides into your ears with fulfilling ease.

The Imagineers evoke some obvious comparisons – a Caledonian Coral anyone ? – but have the potential to be more than the sum of their influences. With a couple of local festivals lined up already and a gig at King Tut’s next month, my advice is enjoy them in such intimate surroundings while you can. They are going to be big.

Mark McKinlay

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