Hero Of The Week – Rhys Webb

Whether it’s post gig euphoria or genuine inspiration, I decided to christen my Hero Of The Week column with Rhys Webb of The Horrors.

This shouldn’t be a hard one to argue. The man plays bass with the demented soul of a delta bluesman on acid. ‘Still Life’  was pretty much the tres cool indie kid’s track of choice last year, with his blazing bass line charting the band into yet more critical and commercial acclaim. It also gives me an excuse to post this little chestnut.

The man has got soul. On stage he wheels and whirls as the band conjur up their unique ecstatic distopia. Off stage he DJs mad 60s psych rock.

He also makes some nuts electronica on the side with fellow Horror Tom Cowan.

According to a recent NME interview he also correctly knows that ‘Bodies’ was the best track from Never Mind The Bollocks.

And, if that’s not enough, according to ever faithful Wikipedia he somehow finds time to sing in a Bo Diddley covers band, beautifully named – The Diddlers.

So as The Horrors have wormed their way into people’s affections, their sound has come more and more to resemble Rhys’ own personal tastes. With a fourth album surely in the pipeline soon hopefully they’ll be plenty more massive bass lines and frenzied stage dancing to come.

Mark McKinlay

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