The OK Social Club – Shape Of Things To Come (The Edinburgh Reporter)

As permanent as the castle rock, The OK Social Club have finally gotten round to releasing their debut single.

Spikey, sparky and subtle – it confirms the arrival of a band that mean business.

The boys have been around in many guises, ranging from Kiddo to a 3-piece before finally setting on the current line-up of Raff (vocals, guitar), Chris (guitar), Gordy (bass) and Jordan (drums). Formed in the middle of 2011 from two bands that shared a bill in Stirling, they have established themselves as a hardened live outfit.

With Edinburgh bands in rude form of late (despite THOSE venue closures), ‘The Shape Of Things To Come’ reflects this assurance.

The song charges through the gears, oscillating from frantic guitar thrashing and punching vocals to solitary bass lines and moments of reflection. It comes across as partly a rally against the trappings of the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle whilst also a celebration of these vices. Lines such as “Anytime now we’re gonna burn out/ But that’s not going to slow us down” show the band at their playful best.

Sunny in the way only a Scottish summer can be, this beguiling number should set ears across the capital alight. And as the band sing themselves “We’re just getting started…

‘The Shape Of Things To Come’ is out now :

The OK Social Club play Electric Circus on 24 March 2012 (single launch party)

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