Review – Two Brothers and One World Cup (The Scotsman)

The Scotsman – 4 Star review

Two Brothers and One World Cup

Whilst it being a Scotsman’s patriotic duty to dislike any show that’s promotional picture depicts Bobby Moore holding the World Cup aloft, the skill and subtlety of this performance forced me otherwise. Appearing at first as a simple comedy depicting two brothers’ emotions at supporting their country throughout football’s most illustrious tournament, it draws the audience in and imparts the intricacies of their family upon them. Allowing the order of the show to be picked at random, each section (or tournament) highlights different sides to each character and helps build layer upon layer to the complexity of their relationship. As it progresses the reasons behind the brothers acrimony towards each other unfolds, with their journey of pain and ultimate recovery portrayed superbly. The contradictory relationship that the two protagonists have with their father is a deeply moving and highly identifiable aspect of the show, with Jimmy’s search for affection an obvious struggle for many second siblings. In spite of all these complexities the root cause of their problems can be linked back to a simple childhood incident, where the two set off on divergent paths of life, creating a traceable narrative helping to hold the show together. Whilst the attempted sing-a-long of English football songs will no doubt prove to be an overly ambitious ending, Two Brothers and One World Cup remains an excellent way to spend a lunchtime.


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