Pete Yorn – Sans Fear (New Beats Media)

Taken from his 2010 self-titled album, Pete Yorn releases the second single from his Frank Black produced sixth album. Packing more bite than lead single Precious Stone, Sans Fear shows Yorn in a rockier guise with traces of the Pixies front man’s influence distilled throughout.

Starting up with somewhat brooding guitar and drums, the song is built up by initially forlorn vocals that eventually cast off apprehensive tones and open up to reveal a greater sense of poise. But the song still maintains a sense of lament throughout with his voice echoing perfectly the lyrical sentiments that ‘I will never change you/I will only change my view’. Stripped back and soul-bearing, one leaves with the sense that Yorn is not admitting defeat or surrender, merely decrying the hurdles he has to overcome.

In style the single mirrors much of the hasty birth of the recording of Pete Yorn, reflecting much of it’s spontaneity and sense of resolve. Created in a whistle-stop recording session of 5 days, Black decreed to “get the session into a fearless and raw place”. This proves an enjoyable change of pace and a partial step away from his better known 2009 work with Scarlett Johansson and his beautifully engaging debut Musicforthemoringafter.

With the summer approaching, Sans Fear feels like it would be at home on a sunny day with a hint of cloud on the horizon.

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